45 stars to my comment on that flip?! Woah! This is what it said:

"Ive decided that if its possible, Im going to be awake when Flipnote Hatena closes. Itll be 4 AM Here. This isnt fair to us, Hatena has literally saved lives. I looked at an old chain a few days ago, and it says that before they came, they were about to commit sui.cide. Then they found Hatena. And now Nintendos taking that away from them, from everyone. I have a deviantART, but it just isnt the same. For those of you wondering who I am on dA, its on my profile. "

Thats it exctly. .-. 45 stars to that comment, by 2 people. Oh- a goood song just came on the radiooo~! Cant rem--- I REMEMBER NOW. Its Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift. I love this song X3 Anyway, its 7:10 AM here, Ill update this again later on (At school, maybe, or after school).


OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH! So I log on here (Im at school, we got a computer lab period in Family Studies X3), and I see that Aaron added stars to this entry. So Im having a mental freak-out (If it wasnt mental, then Id get looked at funny XD) because he works at Hatena. X3333333333 Anyway, whenever we come to the computer lab, all the boys are asking me for help with their Pokemon ROMs. XD Matthew just got to Snorelax on what Im pretty sure is Pokemon FireRed. XD He cant figure out how to get it to move, so I told him "You need the PokeFlute." and then hes like "HOW DO I GET IT?!?" But I DONT KNOW! XDD Its funny to watch them all struggling with games Ive completed, whether it be the remakes or originals. My PokeWalker is full..... 9999 Watts, and I forgot to transfer my Flareon back yesterday. .-. So its basically useless to me today, except that its got the time on it. Shes been on it since.... Its proabably been close to a month now. Shes the only female Eevee I ever got on HeartGold. >////< I love her so much! My day is kind of good, kind of bad... Meh. I forgot my binder (Which happens to have ALL my schoolwork in it. Math, science, social studies, etc, etc. Not to mention drawings.) We havent needed anything from it yet, sooo... Thats good. Oh, XDDD my friend Zach is using UltraSurf to use YouTube, and the other boys just got mad at him because of the song. Almost all the boys are playing Pokemon, the girls are on Cool Math games, and Im sitting here typing on my Blog. Theres just 9 of us here right now, the rest are either absent or in Tech Ed. .-. If I was still in Tech Ed, I could update this like I am now. Oh, sounds lik Clinton just got to Saffron City he says theres 2 Gyms. Apparently, he doesnt know that theres a Dojo there. Ive been at this for lik 20 minutes now, I have about 10 left. I wish I could get on RES, but course schools blocked it. * face desk * Everything worth logging into seems to be blocked except this. .-. * sigh * Oh well. Mmmm... Im about to put a link here, its to devaintART, dont mind it, I just want to find it when I get home, as THE SCHOOL WONT LET ME FREAKIN LOG IN TO IT >O<


Oh- thats it. .-. Class is over, Id better go. BAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII GUYS!